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Private Lessons 

Enroll in weekly private lessons and enjoy free METROPOLITAN CONSERVATORY COMMUNITY 

workshops, masterclasses, special events & recitals specially tailored for students of every age and ability level.  

Our students benefit from both top notch private instruction and a vibrant musical community. 

​Now enrolling ages 4 through adults!

Choose your private teacher with confidence!


  • All of The Metropolitan Conservatory's instructors hold Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral degrees and have extensive teaching experience.

  • All instructors undergo a full background check before joining our team.




  • Weekly, 30 minute private lessons range from $105.50 - $122.50 per month depending on teacher selected. 

  • ​45 minute and 60 minute lesson slots are also available by request.

  • All enrolled students are invited to participate in recitals and the MC COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES at no additional charge. 

Lesson Policy​ 





Our FLAT RATE MONTHLY TUITION remains the same whether  3 lesson days (due to a holiday or planned instructor vacation), 4 lesson days, or 5 lesson days fall in any given month.  Our monthly tuition includes weekly lessons and  recital opportunities.  Our semester calendar includes occasional closings and holiday breaks.  Monthly tuition includes 44 lessons per calendar year with Steven Smith, 41 lessons per year with Nicholas Jarrett, and 42 lessons per year with all other instructors.  Each semester, instructors will distribute a calendar with lesson dates, holiday closing, recitals, and special events for your convenience.  Tuition rates range from $103-$120 per month depending on the instructor selected.  Tuition includes both private lessons and free admission to MC Community enrichment classes.


​​RECITALS: The Metropolitan Conservatory sponsors 2 official recitals per year.  Recitals are voluntary and there is NO charge to participate.



CONSERVATORY COMMUNITY:  Enrolled private lessons students are invited to participate in our numerous FREE CONSERVATORY COMMUNITY Workshops, Master Classes, Special Guest Performances, Lecture Series, and Special Events.  There is NO CHARGE for enrolled students and family members.  Students also are welcome to bring one additional (non family) guest to any event FREE of charge.  We also offer some ongoing ensembles and special classes such as Sunday Orchestra and Renaissance Viol consort.  There is a tuition cost for enrollment in these classes.  All students are welcome to attend the concerts for these ensembles and even a free trial trial class free of charge however.

LESSONS ARE BILLED MONTH TO MONTH.  There is NO semester long or year long commitment.  Students must however, provide 30 days written or emailed notice of plans to discontinue lessons to stop monthly charges. 

TUITION IS PRORATED FOR STUDENTS ENROLLING MID MONTH.  Subsequent months will be charged at the regular flat monthly rate.  The number of lessons taught each month will be subject to the teacher’s individual calendar in keeping the posted semester lesson quota.  No additional tuition adjustments will be made for students starting or stopping mid semester. 

MAKEUP LESSONS:  Students are permitted 1 makeup lesson for student absence during the Fall Semester and 1 makeup lesson during the Spring Semester, provided the student delivers a minimum of 1 week’s written or emailed notice of absence to his/her instructor. 


MISSED LESSONS:  There are no credits or discounts offered for missed lessons due to student absence.  There are no discounts or credits provided for teacher absence either, so long as the teacher meets his/her quota for the required number of lessons offered per year.  If for any reason, a teacher emergency should cause an instructor to be unable to offer enough lessons to meet his/her required lesson quota, then tuition will be credited accordingly.   

SUMMER FLEX SCHEDULE:  During our 10 week Summer Semester, students may makeup 2 missed lessons.  Students must provide written/emailed notice of any planned summer absences by May 15 to qualify for these extra summer makeup lessons.  (This will allow instructors to adjust their schedules to accommodate the extra rescheduling.)  If students do not provide notice in May, students are then eligible for just 1 makeup lesson during the summer as is standard in the Spring and Fall semesters.

LESSONS ARE BILLED ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH VIA EMAILED INVOICE.  Our invoicing system accepts credit/debit cards, e-checks, and automatic payments.  Tuition is due by the 1st of each month.  (Example:  February tuition is due February 1.)  Any payment RECEIVED after the 5th of the month will be subject to a $15 LATE PAYMENT PENALTY.  

SINGLE LESSONS, TRIAL LESSONS, & PRORATED LESSONS are billed at $35 per 30 minute lesson for  Steven Smith, Dima Estanbuli, Jami Bale, Dr. Victor Penniman, and Andrew Naylor.  Single lessons, trial lessons, and prorated lessons are billed at $32 per lesson for Nicholas Jarrett, Natasha Kwapich.



PAST DUE ACCOUNTS:  Tuition is due on the first of each month.  Any payment RECEIVED after the 5th of the month will be subject to a $15 late payment penalty.  If tuition is still not paid by the 10th of the month, the instructor may choose to withhold lessons until payment is received. No makeups or credits will be provided for lessons missed due to non payment. The student's place in class will be reinstated only after past due amounts are paid in full. If past due tuition is not paid by the 15th, the student's lesson slot may be given to another student from the waiting list. 

STOPPING LESSONS TEMPORARILY:  Sometimes students opt to stop taking lessons temporarily due to extended family vacations, sports seasons, etc.  These students may start lessons again at any time if space is available.  Students must re-enroll and pay the $25 enrollment fee upon returning.  The student’s original lesson day/time is not guaranteed upon his return, as it was likely filled during his absence.  Students who wish to “hold” a specific lesson time slot can opt to pay half tuition during the extended absence.

INCLEMENT WEATHER/ TEACHER ILLNESS:  If a lesson is cancelled due to teacher illness or emergency, the teacher will add an extra lesson to the semester schedule to ensure the promised lesson quota is reached.   If lessons are cancelled due to inclement weather, a special studio group class will be offered in lieu of a regular make-up.  The Metropolitan Conservatory will post inclement weather closings at as well as on Facebook.  Teachers and staff will also make every attempt to contact students via email.

PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE:  The Metropolitan Conservatory often photographs recitals and special events.  To participate in events, all students/guardians must consent to use of photos or videos on the MC website and/or print materials.

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR INSTRUCTOR DIRECTLY if you plan to miss a lesson or need to schedule a makeup.  If you have policy questions, billing updates, or additional concerns of any kind, please contact Metropolitan Conservatory by email at We appreciate your business and we look forward to serving you!

Ensemble Policy

Tuition is one time per session with payment due on the date of the first rehearsal. A calendar of rehearsals and performances will be distributed by the instructor. No refunds or make ups will be given for rehearsals or performances missed by students.


The Metropolitan Conservatory often photographs recitals and special events. To participate in events, all students/guardians must consent to use of photos or videos on the MC website and/or print materials.


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