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Educational Resources

How to Tune

How to Tune (Google Doc) Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

How to Tune Your Violin (Youtube)

How to Tune your Guitar (Youtube)

How to Change Your Own Strings


Recommended Apps/Tech for Home Practice


Acapella:  Acapella allows musicians to record and mix up to 9 different instrumental parts to create a professional looking and sounding video.  Similar videos can also be created with iMovie and Adobe Audition.

The free version of the Acapella app allows you to record content up to 1 minute long.  The paid version allows for longer videos. 

Record yourself playing multiple instruments or connect with friends to play "together" even while apart.   


Shooting & Editing Multi Screen Video Covers

Practopus: Track, supplement, and reward practice/progress with Practopus!

Metronome Apps

Best Orchestra Specific Tuning Apps           More- Best Tuning Apps


Setting for Improving Sound Quality in ZOOM Lessons

ZOOM in Music Mode- Royal Academy of Music


Vibrato & Technique Videos

Violin Vibrato- Left Hand Only     

Violin Wrist Vibrato 

Violin Vibrato-Introducing the Bow

Violin- Relieving Tension in Shoulder, Arm, and Hand

Violin- Using the Wall to Make Sure Your Bow is Straight


Sasha Ono Cello Technique YouTube Channel

The Magic of Scales


Inspirational, Educational, or Silly Videos

Mandalorian Cello Cover

Rotterdam Philharmonic Ode to Joy

Down to the River to Pray- Virtual Choir

Bach Cello Suite No. 2 + Essential Voices - Created w/ iMovie

Bach’s cello suites are of course, unaccompanied. This artist added harmonies where Bach implied them- actually playing the overtones and exploring the missing layers of chord structure. He used iMovie’s picture in picture feature to make this video. The Acapella App would be a great tool to make a similar video if you don’t have iMovie.  Maybe you could try this with a snippet of Bach while practicing at home!

Virtual Mendelssohn String Quartet- posted by KC local, Chai-Fei Lin

Cups - Owl City Fireflies Play Along for Kids- Kaboom Percussion

Silly Cello Puppets

Interesting Facts About Bow Hair

Songs of Comfort- Yo Yo Ma plays Dvorak

Talented Brothers Playing Coldplay at home in Italy

I Wish You Love by 6 year old Guitarist/Vocalist

Viola Pasadoble

Ghostbusters Play Along for Beginners

Stayin' Alive Beginner Play Along

Free Educational Performing/Visual Arts Links

The Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall is now free for everyone!

Nelson Atkins Remote Tour- Queen Nefertiti

Fun Sheet Music & Printables

TV Movie & Pop Medley for Violin, Viola, or Cello

Mozart's Tabletop Duet (Lay this page on a table.  Play one side while a sibling plays from the other direction.  Or, record yourself playing both parts and mix with Acapella, iMovie, or Adobe Audition.)

Printable Violin & Viola Scales (1, 2, & 3 Octave Options)

Free Handouts & PDF Files for Strings Teachers & Students

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